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825 Spectrum Home Page
825 Spectrum Home Page
Watch the 825 Demonstration Tutorial Videos
Complete onscreen ticket configurability, unlimited truck storage IDís, lightning-fast digital fill control management, color-coded checkweighing operations, and up to 10 scales monitored onscreen simultaneously are just a few of the many features.

Experience the graphics, speed, color, and touch of the 825 Spectrum by watching our Demonstration Tutorial Videos.
Cardinal's Model 825 Spectrum Digital Weight Indicator
Features a Full
of Colors and Graphics
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  • 640 x 480 Pixel Backlit Interactive Touchscreen Liquid Crystal Display
  • Color-Coded QWERTY Keyboard for Data Entry
  • Two ColdFire® Processors and 64 MB User Memory
  • Navigation Keys Combine with Intuitive Menus
The 825 is loaded with inclusive features and applications ready
out of the box!
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Download the 825 Spectrum 4-page 1 MB bulletin
Download the 825-CBW Continuous Bulk Weigher 4-page bulletin PDF
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