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You won’t be able to keep your hands off the 825 Spectrum.

experience TOUCH
with Cardinal's 825 Spectrum
Navigation keys and an interactive touch-screen plasma display combine with intuitive menus to make the 825 Spectrum a joy to use. For truck storage applications, simply touch the ID you want from the menu to easily access truck information. Select an ID and easily enter new truck information using the integral QWERTY color-coded keyboard. Filter and sort truck storage reports directly onscreen with the 825 Spectrum’s large 5.25 inch wide x 4 inch high LCD. For example, you may filter reports to view a company’s truck weight total by date before printing. Databases may be easily uploaded or downloaded from the indicator to PC by portable USB drive, Ethernet, serial or USB connection using the Spectrum’s file manager.

Cardinal’s 825 Spectrum is the essence of speed in digital weighing.

experience SPEED
with Cardinal's 825 Spectrum
Two next-generation, 32-bit ColdFire® processors with 64MB user memory make the 825 Spectrum fast… very fast. It easily handles up to 10 scale cards weighing at 200 samples per second independently. Monitoring weight at 200 samples per second allows instantaneous gate cutoff ideal for digital fill control applications, such as asphalt load-outs, rock quarries, grain silos, and the chemical industry. The 825 Spectrum features dynamic trim, which constantly adjusts the trim size for powder/bulk weighing applications to achieve the most accurate cutoff. Static trim is also available for applications with no variation, such as liquid weighing applications.

The 825 Spectrum’s graphical display is a beauty to behold.

experience GRAPHICS
with Cardinal's 825 Spectrum
The 640 x 480 pixel VGA interactive touch-screen backlit LCD provides a full spectrum of colorful graphics. But the 825 Spectrum doesn’t just provide form without function. Now, multiple scales, symbols, and any amount of data needed onscreen simultaneously is possible with Cardinal’s 825 Spectrum. Whether one scale readout or ten scales plus totalizer are needed, the Spectrum’s graphics display allows all of the information to be viewed onscreen without scrolling. The 825 Spectrum is perfect for multi-platform truck scales with three axle weights plus total or entire tank farms for viewing ten scales simultaneously.

With 256 colors available onscreen, the Spectrum lives up to its namesake.

experience COLOR
with Cardinal's 825 Spectrum
Ideal for checkweighing applications, the 825 Spectrum allows instant operator recognition of weight status by color. The progress marker and large color bar around the weight readout change to indicate user-definable zones. Colors may be easily established in the 825’s Preferences. Three or five zones may be set for checkweighing applications such as filling bags, crates, and containers with material such as pet food, produce, meat, nuts, and bolts. Use the 825 Spectrum’s checkweighing mode anywhere accurate packing is needed. All of the applications shown above, including checkweighing, are standard out of the box with the 825 Spectrum.

Download the 825 Spectrum 4-page 1 MB bulletin
Download the 825-CBW Continuous Bulk Weigher 4-page bulletin PDF
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